Indulging Alexa Grace at the Pool

Indulging Alexa Grace at the Pool 1

Alexa Grace is a hot babe, just as hot as this hot day she spends by the pool. She got a little bored, so she needs something to have fun with and something that will get her excited. Jerking her pussy was the first thing she thought of, and the bare thought made her wet. She puts a hand in her panties and feels the warm slimy liquid going out of her pussy. Her pussy needs a cock so fucking bad and will do anything to get it.

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A pool boy appears and Alexa Grace does not let him get away. She seduces him, takes off his pants and starts feeling his hard cock inside of her mouth. She sucks it like a lollipop and likes it more than anything. A guy can’t believe that this is happening and wants to pay her back by giving the best fuck she ever experienced. She is ready, and she sits on him so that he could wrap his hands on her hot round ass. He grabs her and starts pushing and pulling her up and down his erect cock. Alexa Grace loved it.

Alexa Grace Pics

Finally She knows that this guy has a lot of experience and that turns her on even more. He’s now performing his final act of fucking her hard from behind. As he starts, Alexa Grace feels that big cock penetrate her insides like some giant thing she can hardly take, he was so big! Her pussy was on fire and she feels that the orgasm is near. As she comes, she feels the eruption of endorphin in her body and she turns around to have his cum on her face!

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