Povd Alexis Adams in Stranger In The Park

Povd Alexis Adams in Stranger In The Park 2

Alexis Adams is one hot young slut that gets off on fucking strangers that pick her up in the park. She knows that sex with strangers is the most exciting kind of sex there is. She was just waiting for someone to notice her in the park to take him home and milk his cock.


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This horny dude fell into her trap right away and follows her to her place hoping there will be some action but he couldn’t have known how hot it will be. As they get in she gets naked right away and spreads her legs for a bit of sexy pussy licking.

She then returns the favor and gets him hard and in the mood for a sexy fuck on the sofa. She rides his cock with her shaved pussy and strokes it with her hand in the end for a sexy facial cumshot.

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