Povd Bree Mitchells in Yoga

Povd Bree Mitchells in Yoga 8

Yoga is as much about the body as it is about the mind. Reaching a state of Zen, complete dedication to one cause and one goal that is achieving internal bliss. And this is true for Bree Mitchels as well, but she mixes her sessions up with one crucial ingredient. A cock!


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Her ideal yoga session must have a strong, virile man in the combination for it to have the maximum effect on her. The way she keeps her mind focused is most easily achieved with the man penetrating every hole on her smokin’ hot body.

And she is most certainly not selfish, because she makes sure her partner has an equally good and dirty time. Judging by the was she’s sucking his dick, it’s pretty safe to say she wants him to cum profusely! And that is exactly what she gets.
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