Povd Featuring Dakota Skye

Povd Featuring Dakota Skye 8

We couldn’t decide if we enjoyed more looking at this high definition POVD video or listening to it, because it’s done in 3D surround technology which captures virtually every single sound from the bedroom where this steamy scene was filmed.

The main star is beautiful and seductive blonde with small tits called Dakota Skye. She greeted her lover in the hotel room, wearing just her sexy green top and denim mini skirt. After a minute of teasing and showing him watch her can expect from her in bed, she took her clothes off right in front of him and went nude into the bedroom. There she prepared her vagina for the action which is about to come and then she was ready for a session of passionate lovemaking!


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Then she spread her petite legs as wide as she could, and by doing that revealing her vagina completely open, shaved and craving for some action. The stud held his big tool in his hand all the time and once the pussy was ready, he wasted no time and started pumping it right away. Moaning in ecstasy and shaking on the bed, Dakota grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them very tightly.

They shagged for a bit this way, but then they started doing it the way she likes the most. She turned around and pointed her fantastic piece of tight ass toward him and the camera. He grabbed her by the hips and then started fucking her even more passionately and with such pace!

He moves his hands from the hips to the buttcocks and squeezed them so tightly because she knows she likes it, which was expressed by sounds so erotic, they fell somewhere between screams and moans. The whole action continued until they reached the peaked of ecstasy, cummed loudly and then fell tired on the bed together!

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