Povd Trisha Parks in Happy Birthday

Povd Trisha Parks in Happy Birthday 11

Birthdays can be such a bore, but only when you’re surrounded by the wrong crowd. Trisha Parks will make this guy’s birthday one he will remember forever. Not only did she bake him a cake, but it’s her own love oven that’s hot and in need for some care and attention.


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Every woman enjoys a big thick cock and Trisha is no different, as she gets a hold of his dick admiring it’s size, she puts some left over icing on the tip if the head, and gently licks it off. She likes her sweets, especially if it’s on top of her favorite dessert – a cock!

Before you know it, they’re screwing like bunnies, squirming and moaning. She’s jumping up and down on his cock like there’s a reward in it for her. Well, actually there is, it’s his sticky load of man juice all over her face and tits.
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