POVD Featuring Alexis Adams

POVD Featuring Alexis Adams 27

In today’s new addition of POVD videos, we have the wonderful opportunity to watch busty blonde vixen Alexis Adams in amazing high definition video with amazing surround sound. While she was waiting for her boyfriend to come home, Alexis was playing some football in the back yard in sexy little outfit.

When he came, he got immediately horny, took her top off and revealed her finest pair of tits you can imagine! After few kisses and some making out, they were ready to take things into the bedroom. She left only her white stockings off and revealed the rest of her smoking hot body. The only thing she had to do is to sit on an armchair and spread her sexy legs, and the rest was up to the bloke.


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He grabbed his big piece of meat and put it straight between her legs. She wrapped her legs around him and enabled him to go deep as he could. She started moaning louder and louder each time he pressed his strong, muscular body on her bouncy tits.

She played with her clit at the same time, trying to bring self to the most intensive orgasm possible. After she felt it was coming closer, she switched to cowgirl position and took the control of the situation, because she could grind on his cock exactly the way she wanted to.

After she felt her legs shaking uncontrollably and the room floor spinning, she knew that orgasm was coming closer. She jumped off and fell immediately on her knees, ready to give the stud some more pleasure with her mouth and hands. She sucked him almost dry, but her had enough stamina for one last banging of her vagina. He did it and as they both came, he shot his jizz load onto her steamy body.

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